Tree and Shrub Care

Tree and Shrub Care Dallas, Ga

Tree and Shrub Care is an often overlooked aspect of the landscape. What good is a nice looking lawn if the shrubs and landscape is in poor condition? In addition to our lawn care treatment program in dallas, Ga we also offer a 7 application Tree and Shrub program to keep your ornamental landscape plants […]


Fall & Winter Lawn Care Dallas, Ga

The fall weather is now upon us, and the winter weather will be here before we know it.. While its about time to put up the lawn mowers for the season, there are still important lawn treatments needed for the lawn at this time to protect the root system and prevent further weed problems in […]

Spurge - Weed Dallas, Ga

Weed ID – Spotted Spurge

Spotted spurge is a  difficult to control Summer Annual weed that is common to see in the Dallas, GA area. Spurge grows close to the ground and can form dense mats if left uncontrolled. Spurge tends to take off in hot, dry conditions, and will be noticeable in open areas, in bare or stressed areas of […]