Fall & Winter Lawn Care Dallas, Ga

The fall weather is now upon us, and the winter weather will be here before we know it.. While its about time to put up the lawn mowers for the season, there are still important lawn treatments needed for the lawn at this time to protect the root system and prevent further weed problems in the spring.

Fall Lawn Care

If you have been struggling with weeds, thin spots and bare areas in your lawn out in the Dallas, GA then i highly encourage you to give us a call this fall or winter for a free no obligation estimate. Let us show you how Sharplawns can make a difference with your Lawn Care in Dallas, GA this spring!


Did you know that Our fall and winter treatments are the most important part or our lawn care treatment program in Dallas, Ga?  The fall and winter treatments are where we prevent alot of the more difficult to control weeds

Lawn Care Acworth, Ga - Bermuda Lawn

such as Poa-Annua, Henbit, and Chickweed.  We also add a root zone potassium based fertilizer to keep the root system strong during the winter months. We typically end our treatment program in November, and generally will be back out mid January to early February to start the round #1 crabgrass prevention treatments.  So as you can see, while the grass may not be growing there are still important steps that we take in the off season to make sure your lawn has the best chance to thrive come spring green up.

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