Spurge - Weed Dallas, Ga

Weed ID – Spotted Spurge

Spotted spurge is a  difficult to control Summer Annual weed that is common to see in the Dallas, GA area. Spurge grows close to the ground and can form dense mats if left uncontrolled. Spurge tends to take off in hot, dry conditions, and will be noticeable in open areas, in bare or stressed areas of turf and can even grow in sidewalk cracks.Spurge - Weed Dallas, Ga

Spotted spurge  prevention should be an important part of any lawn care program in dallas, Ga.  Spring pre-emergents can be helpful, however late in the season when the pre-emergent starts to break down is where spurge can start to be a problem.  Post-Emergent control is effective on young spurge in its early stages, but can be more of a challenge to control in its mature stage.

Keeping the lawn thick and healthy is good way to keep spotted spurge down to minimum.  Spotted Spurge requires sunlight to germinate, so a thick healthy lawn will tend to not see much of this difficult to control weeds.  Scalping of the lawn, or removing to much grass at each mowing will thin out areas of the lawn and spurge outbreaks can be more common in these stressed areas.  We recommend keeping the lawn mowed atleast weekly during the growing season and be sure to not remove more than 1/3 of the grass blade per mowing.

If spotted spurge is a problem in your yard, feel free to give Sharplawns Turf Care a call and we can evaluate and setup a lawn care program to help minimize and/or eliminate this difficult to control nuisance weed from your lawn in Dallas, Ga


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