Weed Control Dallas Ga

Dallisgrass Identification and Control

Dallisgrass is a difficult to control weed in dallas, ga.  This difficult to control weed will germinate in the spring and summer months, and go dormant in the winter months.  Dallisgrass thrives in clay and sandy soil and is a rather low growing weed that will tend to grow quicker than other types of grasses.   […]

Sharplawns Lawn Care Dallas GA - Poa Annua

Prevent Winter Weeds Now!

Preventing weeds is  one of the most important steps of our lawn care program in Dallas, Ga.  As fall approaches, so does the ideal soil temperatures for Poa Annua germination. Poa Annua is the main weed we target with our fall pre-emergent apps.  Its much easier to prevent this troublesome weed than it is to kill […]


Common Summer Weeds in Dallas Ga

With the lack of rain the grass and most plants will tend to slow growth. However, there are still some weeds that will favor these hot dry conditions. I just wanted to take some time to Identify some of the common weeds that you will see in the summer months in Dallas, Ga Spotted Spurge […]