Common Summer Weeds in Dallas Ga

With the lack of rain the grass and most plants will tend to slow growth. However, there are still some weeds that will favor these hot dry conditions. I just wanted to take some time to Identify some of the common weeds that you will see in the summer months in Dallas, Ga

Spotted Spurge –  As seen in the picture below, spotted spurge grows low to the ground and tends to spread and form in mats.  Its favors the dry hot weather and its something you may see along the edges of the lawn at this time of year.  It will tend to grow in areas of weakened or thin turf.

Spurge - Weed Dallas, Ga

Spotted Spurge


Virginia Buttonweed- As pictured below, another low growing weed that is common to see at this time of year.  This is a tough to control weed and generally will take multiple treatments to get under control.  Pre-emergents do not have much effect on preventing this weed, so post emergent control is needed.

Lawn Care Acworth, Ga

Virginia Buttonweed


When it comes to lawn care and weed control  in Dallas, Ga Proper cultural practices such as mowing and watering are key to keeping the lawn thick and healthy to resist these difficult to control weeds. We recommend mowing the lawn weekly throughout the growing season so you aren’t taking off to much grass at each mowing and watering atleast 1 inch per week to get the best results from our lawn care program.


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