Lawn Care Dallas, Ga – Watering Practices

It looks like the rain this year has not been as frequent as last year so far! Watering on a regular schedule is the best way to maximize the results from our lawn care program in Dallas, Ga. Hard compacted soil is a good sign that your not getting enough water!  If you can’t easily push a screwdriver into the ground then this is a good sign that its time to water.  If your noticing your footprints remain on the lawn after its walked on this is also an early sign of drought stress. Watering at 1 inch per week when there is no rain is a good measure to take to ensure the best results from our lawn care service in Dallas, Ga.  We always recommend thorough watering once per week, rather than short frequent waterings.  Why?  Because, longer thorough watering will  promote a deeper root system which will build a stronger, thicker and healthier stand of turf, while shorter waterings will tend to promote a shallow root system which can set the turf up for problems later on down the road! We always recommend watering 1 inch per week minimum for best results.

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