Fixing Spring Dead Spots in your Bermuda lawn.

Are you seeing bare spots in your lawn this year?  Its been very common to see bare spots in bermuda this year in Georgia due to the winter weather that we have had this year. Spring dead spots have been common this year in warm season type of grasses like bermuda and zoysia, and we have even seen some winter injury in some places. The good news is that Warm Season Turf such as bermuda and zoysia will spread out and fill back in on their own, and with proper care you can speed up the process.

Spring dead spots are usually perfectly round dead spots in the lawn that have not recovered from the winter. We always recommend raking out the thatch in these areas and top dressing with top soil or sand to help speed recovery. Regular watering and fertilization throughout the summer will speed the recovery and in no time you will see these areas fill back in and thicken up.  Aeration is recommended once per year as well to help promote a thicker greener lawn.

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