Best Mowing Practices

Mowing height and frequency can play a big part in the appearance of your lawn. Proper mowing requires mowing at the recommended height for your grass type, as well as frequent enough as to where you are not removing more than 1/3 of the grass blade at one time.

It is also a good idea to raise the mowing height a bit during times that could be stressful for your lawn such as drought conditions, areas that are heavily shaded or as the lawn begins going into winter dormancy (warm season turf).

It is also important to mow with only a sharp mower blade. A dull mower blade will shred the grass blades, which can leave behind patches of yellow lawn. The damaged grass will then be more susceptible to disease problems.

Recommended Mowing Height for Georgia Turf:

Grass Type                          Height (inches)

Tall Fescue                                    2-3

Common Bermudagrass              1-2

Hybrid Bermudagrass                0.5-1.5

Zoysia                                         0.5-1.5

Centipedegrass                            1-1.5

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