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Annual Bluegrass (Poa Annua)

If you did not have a Pre-Emergent applied in the Fall Months you may be seeing a little bit of green stuff in your lawn at this time.  More than likely it is a winter annual weed called Poa-Annua. This is an annual grass that grows in clumps, looks similar to a fine fescue and when it gets taller it will produce white seed heads.  This is a very difficult weed to control once it emerges, and is best controlled by a Pre-Emergent as well as good lawn maintenance practices.    Poa Annua will first start to germinate closer to the house and under trees and areas of the lawn with weak stands of turf. The good news about Poa Annua is that it will die off on its own with the Georgia heat.  The bad news though… It is very tough to control with selective post emergent products.  Poa Anna - Dallas GA Lawn Care

Pre-Emergent applications are a very important part of our Dallas, Ga Lawn Care treatment program. We  typically start the fall pre-emergents in late august to early September.  Pre-Emergents can give a good bit of control of this difficult to control weed and many other broadleaf type of weeds.. However,  good maintenance practices and keeping the lawn healthy can help maximize the results.  We recommend a well balanced fertilization and weed control program throughout the year to keep the lawn thick to help resist weeds. Good mowing and watering practices are also important.  We recommend mowing the lawn atleast once per week during the active growing season as so you are not taking more than 1/3 of the grass blade off at one time, and keep the lawn watered with atleast 1 inch of water per week.    Scalping to short at the end of the year can hinder the results of a Pre-emergent, because the grass will not recover from a scalping at the end of the season when the grass is not actively growing.  Mowing to much off at one time can create a weak stand of turf that is more susceptible to weed problems (even if you’ve had a pre-emergent).

If you are tired of seeing weeds and ready to hire a professional Dallas GA lawn Care Service than we hope you would give us a call!  Sharplawns Turf Care, LLC – Lawn Care Dallas Ga (678)497-5093

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